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** High Priority **

Dear Colleagues,

Please note that beginning from this month Odessa port authorities have established new procedure for forwarding and unstuffing of import containers with cars. In this connection we want to inform you that:

1) From now unstuffing of containers will be executed only one time at one day and in the presence of all recipients (consignee) of cargo from this container! If just only one recipient will be absent or won't be ready to take their cargo - in this case unsuffing of container will be impossible. Moreover if some recipient will refuse to take their cargo and decide to abandon it - none of other recipients won't be able to take their cargo at all!

2) All personal effects and house hold goods following in cars or beside them and not declared in HBL and MBL will be considered by port authorities and customs as a contraband and will be confiscated together with car!

In connection with above-stated we ask you:

1) At least in two weeks before container arrival to Odessa port inform us about this shipment and about exact consignees of cargo in this container in order to send all necessary arrival notices and arrange all necessary documents for forwarding of this container in Odessa port in time.

2) Accepting any cargo for transportation please be sure that this cargo won't be abandoned by consignee here in Odessa.

3) In case of personal effects please inform all your clients that these goods following in their cars are subject to custom clearance here in Ukraine and in any case they should be declared in HBL and MBL, otherwise they will be considered as a contraband.

These are main points that we want to notice you. Please pay attention to this information because otherwise we can have big problems in future, beginning from confiscate of some car or even arrest of some cosignee and ending with full blockade of some container in case of abandoning of some cargo in it.

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